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SMART In Concepts

In August of 2002, Shawn Ryan Randleman & three other partners started to create an Accountability Strategy firm to assist entrepreneurs & small business owners with work-life balance & continuous growth.Over those years, we've expanded beyond accountability into a strategic transformation & management development source for entrepreneurs who seek the disruptive edge. Learn more about our accountability solutions.Our Solution Services Reflect Our Commitment to The Continuous Growth of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship...


By SMART In Concepts

One-On-One Accountability Strategist who works with entrepreneurs on running a business and balancing a successful lifestyle based on a strategic purpose-driven agenda. Learn More


By SMART In Concepts

Teaching entrepreneurs & small businesses how to invest in the public stock market, real estate, digital currency & luxury assets to fund their business ideas with return from investments. Learn More


By SMART In Concepts

Interactive Live & On-Demand series of courses engineered to increase your productivity in critical areas of work-life, reinforcing the leadership skills in our clients. Learn More


Venture Concept Group

Anyone can develop a business, but few can build a sustainable strategy with reliable resources to help them scale or create leverage.We provide strategic management, transformation & funding solution for startups & small businesses.

Strategic Marketing & Disruptive Media

It's Your Media

We believe the essential piece to growth is brand awareness & product conviction. Our approach provides disruptive marketing strategists with industry-based resources focused on building you a "tribe," not "followers."

Continuous Strategic Ecosystem

365 Work-Life

As we look at the future, we understand entrepreneurs are inspired by challenges and motivated in environments.Over the next decade & beyond, we plan to build an ecosystem dedicated to the development of entrepreneurs & small business investors. We challenge you to get involved with us today. Try out one of the challenges...

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  • Y.E.S.S.

  • Hydration for Success | November 2022

  • Wisdom for Work-Life Balance | December 2022

  • Mindfulness for Success | January 2023

  • Culture Enlightenment for Success | April 2023

Continuous Solution Development for Entrepreneurs

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